Why training and Shared Practice overlap

When we started the Shared Practice (SP) it turned out that people needed time to warm up. When we realised that some people, especially movement practitioners need/ want a lot of time to warm up, we created time and space prior to the SP to indulge in training. This became the open training space from 9.15 to 11am, that anyone with a sense for responsibility for their body can join.  For those SP’s who are happy to just get ready and warm up for about an hour they come at 10am and join the training folks that are already in – with their own practice, to get ready.

That way our training smoothly merges with improvisation. For those who need to finish at 11am: Feel free to stretch at the side and linger but make sure the space is available for the SP’s.

For musicians:

Take some time for yourselves. The warm up with an instrument is often restricted depending on how many musicians are in and how your warm up can merge with a physical warm up. We concluded that you are welcome to physically warm up and/ or start playing your instruments whenever you feel like it but it will need to be in respect to other musicians and what generally suits the time and space.

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