“With Unknown Laura Doehler has dealt with individuality and synchronicity. It was an absolute highlight of the fringe productions.”

Torben Ibs & René Seyfahrt, Leipzig Almanach

With sameness comes comparison. That goes for people and objects. Moving away from better or worse and the attempt to overcome hierarchy might move someone towards equality – but we remain apart, different and unique no matter how much we seek to become one.  The desire to connect with others though is strong and prevails and therefore we will never to cease wanting to be closer while we never cease to move apart. 
Unknown is a reflection on how close we can be and that we will never be the same and never become one – in this piece synchronicity is the tool to highlight our differences – at times producing comfort, at others melancholy and sometimes it shows the attempt to break the hour glass of the performance space that, without fail, reflects and throws back at us a mirror image.

Collaborators: Leila Huwiler as dancer and creation of movement material, Laura Doehler for conception, dancer and movement material, Paul Rubinstein with music.           

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