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The Shared Practice was developed by a group of independent dance artists in SE London in 2012 to make space and time to freely move together and to embed a regular practice. It allows us to bring awareness to what it means to move to us personally and in exchange with one another. The format describes an arc of arriving (not doing anything but listening, a state of meditation and undoing) that allows for movement to emerge and surface from a state of presence. Similarly to the Contemplative Dance Practice by Barbara Dilley the attention shifts gradually from a personal inquiry towards anticipating influences and exchanges by what surrounds you. Overall shifts of attention are observed and woven into the work.

By sharing the space we find ourselves in an open source environment where everything that happens is anticipated in some way and forms part of our journey and a reflection of some kind. The facilitation is light and concerns a navigation to ensure people have a sense of sharing this journey and being able to deal with what it means to follow your own impulses. … By allowing curiosities we lead a presence in space that unfolds in moving. Through curiosities we bring awareness to our preferences, our values such as aesthetics or content and we acknowledge our current state of being.

This is an excerpt from the open Day at The Green when we opened doors to the public to join and witness the Shared Practice as it unfolds.

“In doing it, it gives me clarification.” Lauren Potter

Facilitators: Anne-Gaelle ThiriotTania Soubry,  Laura Doehler

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Currently closed due to Covid 19. Please watch the space for more information.

PAST of Shared Practice - scroll down for what happened before ...

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Back for Autumn Term, open from the 1st of September

at the Green, SE London, Nunhead /// every Monday, except half term, 11 am -1pm

Here a little trailer of the Shared Practice footage we took during the open day.

From January 2019 onwards we are now in The Green on Mondays 10-12noon.

CLOSED DATES UNTIL SUMMER: 8th and 22nd of April and 20 and 27th of May


Doors are open 9.45am, even earlier if you like but then let me know 07908173302. For those interested to commit to a regular practice we offer an extended time until 3pm which then includes a lunch break and time to address specific questions/ research/ performance making/ teaching aspects via a studio practice or conversations or admin space. It is worth mentioning that because it is donation and drop in based, and what you inquire about is your own, not somebody else’s practice, people can find it hard to commit because we easily put other responsibilities before our own needs. Do keep that in mind because it really is about carving out a space. In London, we are always busy…

Further down the line of uncovering and finding new seeds we also concern ourselves with opening doors to the public to share what we do. The next upcoming sharing is

16th of Feb — OPEN DAY — which we facilitate for the centre and its community.

Picking up after the summer break 31st of August 2018

@ Independent Dance

 12.11.2018       6.30-8.30pm                                                  and   every Friday    10am-noon


ALSO !!!

The Shared Practice opens its doors 29th of September 2018 at The Green during the


Every walk of life can come in, witness and participate in the Shared Practice and get to know what artists have been up to, how it serves their practice and how dance, movement and art interferes with life and people.

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——————————————————– PAST ———————————————————————

28.04. until 19.05.2016 at Midi on a Thursday 10 -11.30am. Doors open 9.45

The Green is not able to host us for the time being.

We are looking forward to collaborate with sound artist Catherine Elsen and are currently engaged in trials on how to take this forward in terms of how to collaborate during the training.

We are currently working with: Midi Centre and hoping to schedule more sessions at another space called The Green, in Nunhead. 

The training at Midi will be a fusion of movement and sound. We are wanting to also have sessions for only movement but that proves difficult because of space. If you have a space or idea where we can be please get in touch!


Untitled drawing

‘Shared training & practise’ offers me a space and a set time frame to do my personal training alongside like-minded dancers/artists.
Loose spacial arrangements governed by set timings make up the skeleton of the sessions, which leave opportunity to inquire my own practice and training.

It is a sacred ’shared space and time frame’ as I benefit from the focussed energy of the group. The set-up reminds me of my shared office space. Surrounded by others and away from my usual environment I find it easier to ‘get into working mode’ and can react to or initiate interactions at will. I have joined the ‘shared training & practise’ three times and intend to make use of this platform in the future.’  Irene Wernli



Every Tues/Wed/Thurs starting 15th of September we will be open for you to come and train and explore 10-11.30am. These are our dates in numbers: 15/16/17  and  22/23/24  and  29/30/01.10   Please make sure you are on time to avoid disruptions. This is our new venue: Charterhouse Rd, E82RE – we tried hard to stay South but simply couldn’t find the right place … let us know if you are aware of spaces in South London that are: large, bright, beautiful and affordable …

We are currently looking for a dance artist to join the team, click here for more details.


Shared Training classes on in June  2015

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.45 – 11.15/30am. Doors open from 9.30am

We are now located back in New Cross and we recommend that you call us prior to the class you want to attend (evening before) to make sure there is enough space.

This is where you find us and how to get in touch. Contact

If you are new to ST please come 9.30am so we can give you an introduction. It is a new format and usually people are unsure how to meet it because it’s unusual and find it hard to trust (what they don’t know). Unless you are a ‘plunge into the deep water kind of person’ you might benefit from an intro. However it is up to you.

Shared Training classes on in February and March  2015

except 3/4 and 31 of March and 1st of April

Every Tuesday and every Wednesday 10-11.30 am followed by Shared Practice until 1pm.

We are based in

Cheviot House 227 Commercial Rd E1

laura Sh Tra


Residency at TripSpace, Haggerston London 26 through 29th of January.

Classes 10.30-12 and afternoon practoce 1.30-4.30pm.



Open November and December 2014 every Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30-11am, led by Laura Doehler, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot or Tania Soubry

at The Old Tidemill School, Deptford SE8 4RN – please be on time.


Thursday’s and Friday’s  9.20am -11am the Old Tidemill School, Deptford, London, is open for you to engage with a new training format:

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