Tied Feathers

Tied Feathers played with super market trolleys, a fake leg, endless amount of crisp packets and sweets as well as the human need to hold onto the things that we surround ourselves with. A fragmented space featured man made objects mixed with people – and people who got mixed up to what matters and how to connect. Is it a thing to care for or a human being to consume? The piece surfaced as a reaction to my first years in London where the focus on consumption of goods is much greater than in former East Germany. It remains a  daily task to consciously differentiate what to care for since our ever growing consumer society turns people into things and goods into best friends.

Collaborators: Dancers and co-movement creators: Laura Glaser, Gina Stickney, Katja Legin, Kate Zamira Mummery, Anja Schall, Andy Arndt. Music: Paul Rubinstein. Lighting: Simon Donger. William Collins co-choreographed the second version shown at Freshfest.

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