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Teaching professional dancers:

For the companies h2dance and Codigo Dance Project Laura has taught prof release technique classes. For Codigo she was also engaged as rehearsal director. Laura has taught prof class at Greenwich Dance Agency.

Teaching BA dance/ drama students:

Laura has taught as guest lecturer at Trinity Laban, Roehampton University, the Circus Space, Central School of Speech and Drama and Goldsmiths. Her classes for dance students are based on release technique and contact improvisation. Feldenkreis technique and personal movement explorations have shaped her material over the past years. Movement practitioners who worked in the field of drama (R. Laban, V. Meyerhold, A. Boal, J. Copeau, J. Lecoq, M. St. Denis) are mainly referenced when teaching drama students. Depending on subject and context the body is either physically trained based on a purely anatomical understanding (for dance students) or awareness is brought towards its social placement for students trained in dance theatre, physical theatre and drama students. Fusing improvisational tasks with set phrases, both practice and theory are incorporated.

Teaching young people with moderate dance experience:

For the past years Laura has taught for Perform(d)ance from Germany who have their own youth company and engage in major youth projects. Besides facilitating exchanges for international youth companies from across Europe and teaching workshops in dance, choreography and improvisation Laura has co-coreographed three major youth productions – coaching, training and choreographing – teenagers who are from a less advantaged background.

Teaching contemporary dance to teenagers and kids often starts with the question what is dance and which style do I prefer and why? The movement material for young people borrows from other mainstream dance techniques to offer a wider spectrum that creates an understanding how different techniques relate including street dance, ballet, contact work and drama. They are dynamic movement phrases to ensure stamina, coordination and fun. Improvisation games are often the starting point for embracing movement and the collaborative effort in creating material. Overall, all productions are dance theatre productions where imagery and story telling and a great variety of styles are integrated and applied.

Other youth workshop in collaboration with performdance have been:

  • North East Youth Dance Meeting 2006
  • and various ‘Tanzferiencamps’ and outreach workshops 2006/now

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