• I don’t know much about food – I get really confused in super market. I want to eat so I can get on with my day – that’s a problem.
  • which food or companies incorporate all aspects of health, environment, labor, communities and food culture and how do we find out?
  • I have too much choice – watching food programs – every food program under the sun, evil Mary Berry
  • the NO GOES of food. Which ones can we tick off forever?
  • what’s on the label, what do I want, what do I need to see? What is in food?
  • I can’t understand the label actually
  • Carbon Marker – each food to have a comparable calculation for metric tonnes of carbon produced, for each item produced.
  • big corporations using sustainable ethos to market their food. Why are they still no good? McDonalds, Starbucks, Sainies …
  • I know I am consuming unethically
  • Is chocolate good or bad for me?
  • Chudleigh Housing Co-op – vison of food share
  • food skipping angels
  • Recipes
  • palm oil
  • farming – the kind of agriculture (mono/ crop rotation/ forest agriculture …) comparing monocultures feed soil deterioration, are pesticides seekers, and in turn wild life killers and attach questionable chemicals to our foods while other farming can avoid those but greater work to harvest, therefore prices are affected. The untangling of those relationships to consider priority – what’s the price we pay.
  • local food – less travel, potentially less packaging, but standards often not defined.
  • Food Heros, who are the people doing the right thing – interview them?
  • animal rights, diary products, meet the meat
  • 5 elements cooking
  • growing your own
  • bees and again bees and more bees, sorry I meant less.


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