Beecopalyse – a graphic novel
The challenge and existential risk posed by our expansion and intensification of honey-bee-keeping, driven by honey-consumption, and the impact on other pollination providers, and ancient genetic bottlenecks, sets the scene for an epic and violent future…

Diner’s Surprise – a special recipe
Störm’s new cookbook features a special recipe for those who aren’t faint of heart… 

Nuanced nutrition

Good, bad, or both simultaneously?
When good and bad are not so simple.
How nutritional information and understanding can be both simplified and personalised. Enabling expression and understanding of nuanced information (and incorporating bioavailability versus what’s on the label.)
Food ethics good versus bad, or simultaneously both
How can we make sense of the conflicting goals we conjure, in personal health, social equity, ecological resilience, and human sustainability.