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Movement Meditations is a format Laura developed over the recent months that take you to explore and expand your understanding of movement as an integral part to life. It is an AUDIO GUIDE that creates awareness towards how we carry ourselves in the everyday and the play we have available by undoing habitual patterns of movement and thought. It is embodied mindfulness wherein anatomy, physics and social patterns are entangled and tossed to look towards creative and personal solutions towards a healthy relationship between self and other.

OUTDOORS: Laura Doehler will lead some classes outside in Hilly Fields, next date 20.10.2020

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Where Normal meets stretch and dance the everyday

Opening ways to perceive your normal and everyday, movements and actions, the body that we know too well …. to perceive as a passage to claim a ground all we hold and have the opportunity to endow with appreciation. From within the known territory/ land/ body we can discover the unknown, configure the stretches. Within dance training as well as the wider society we beat at our limitations, impatient to excel and and strive. Defined by a mind filing them as problems our creative solutions can be as simple as accepting  our present selves as point of departure which is what we this audio guide invites you to do. Through the lens of the body we consider patterns, recognition of reoccurring sensations and sense making. To stretch – to expand and advance can become an accessible physical reality that undoes stress and even pain.

Seeing and Not Seeing – sensory input for movement

A play between opening and closing eyes this audio guide makes the change between seeing and not seeing a sensory input that defines and shapes the way we are present with both self and environment. The interplay between self and surrounding defines most of these classes however shifting between seeing and not seeing really allows for an understanding and integration how we place ourselves, how we manage to remain physically aware when engaging with ‘other’. It opens a door to learning to not loose oneself in what is out there but to appreciate what we have.


11.07.2020      letting the integration of breath be our input for moving. Breath can induce an organic reach, a physical not mental connect to what lies outside of us but also reach as an expansiveness that serves our alignment, providing flexibility and energy. When we think of alignment we often think form however breath creates alignment by providing a volume for structural support whatever form you find yourself in. It also provides release, an undoing of tension and a grounding. Out breath facilitating release, tone softens and gravity becomes more perceptible, allowing movement to flow because we work with and not against gravity. This class uses words to remind us to consistently take breath as resource, to drive our engagement not because we think of doing something but because we feel the possibilities, the directions we can take and let our mind follow.

Core to Extensions

A journey to sense how surface, extensions and core connect to self and environment. Moving between going in and out of touch, shifting weight we can increasingly resource from understanding the bridges to our environment and assimilate strength and power through push and reach in dialogue with release and sensing.

The vertical and head tail connection – for in and outdoors

Playing with our vertical axis we bring attention to other vertical structures; those we build and those that grow. This score asks how gravity as well as other input creates support and foundations. What is life reaching up versus stability, what is engagement as alignment rather than thinking straight to facilitate mobility and flexibility? From head to tail we can trace a fluid connection that gives us an orientation towards a verticality.


… tracking initiations and unraveling them to find new beginnings and effectively understand better what motivates impulses, what it is we are seeking to create and how we are allowing for changes to manifest. Changes that become beginnings wherein body and mind can finely balance and tune into one another; allowing directions to emerge yet leaving space for diversions simultaneously.