Olga couldn’t make it to our last dinner but there is a few things we know 🙂 – Olga has graduated in Fine Art, is practicing print making, vegetarian and a conscious consumer. She found this project through Sanford and is passionate about food and art.

“I am interested in avocados and other exotic fruits. It has been brought to my attention – after I said that avocados are one of my favorite foods – that it fuels cutting down forests in Mexico by the cartels in order to plant more avocados and boost the production. So a little about unnecessary deforestation – same possibly with soy and palm oil which were mentioned during dinner and many other products.

So maybe about deforestation for food production in general? Impact on planet?

This is probably a longer subject, but saw in the recap that palm oil and soya were subject – but also it’s about mileage issues which was mentioned to which exotic fruits fall into.

I am happy to also make more illustrations for peoples text.”


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