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FRIDAY 28.08.2020 in Hilly Fields, our Openly Spaced Out celebrates its local community of dancers and dance lovers. We invite you to join us for the evening to dance and talk about dance. Registration is necessary and ideally sooner than later to get a place because there is only so many spaces we can cater for. We, that is a group of local dance artists that work with improvisation and CI who will share their skill and approaches by co-teaching and weaving formats of deliveries to meet the necessary precautions and space out.  To register write to
These are the artists:

Helena Webb, Laura Doehler, Laura Lorenzi. Lewis Wilkinson, Marina Camiloti, Michael Doolan, Monica Giacomin and Sebastian Ruiz


FREE to MOVE and Openly Spaced Out

Free to Move is our Shared Practice in the park, Hilly Fields, SE London. It is our strategy to deal with Covid 19 that we created before the virus. Yes, we were fast! If you would like to join send a message to and we can add you to our WhatsApp meetup group ‘Openly Spaced Out’. If you feel inspired but live far perhaps you want to  set one up? We are happy to forward our guidelines. Check the links for more information.



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P             A                   S                            T


Shared Practice Extension – open for new artists please apply until 14.10.2019

                                   Dance artist who use the Shared Practice and have an interest to deepen their practice  towards the making of work, receive support in having space and exchange time Mondays 1-3.30pm. If you would like to attend read on …IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO JOIN SP EXT, please join us 14.10.2019 from 11am til 3.30pm …  or write us a letter of interest until 14.10.2019

From the Shared Practice that runs 11-1pm this session is an extension that serves the making of work.  If you are interested to join, please let us know. Exit Map aims to integrate sharings at the Green to make our work available to the community in conjunction with providing community support by creating events that allow the arts to reach a wider public by drawing local people close and simply by looking after one another.

This group is less fluid/ drop in than the Shared Practice and open to those who want to be more consistent in developing work. Due to our patched up work nature we are at times not able to come in but the aim is to commit. This is the group of dance artists that were involved 2018/19 and while some continue, for this coming Autumn term 2019 and into 2020, we are open for more dance and movement artists to join SP and SP extended.

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Anne-Gaelle ThiriotAgnes Bakucz CanarioLaura Doehler, Lina JungeraardLizzy Le QuesneLorea Burge Badiola, Lucy F Thane, Tania Soubry, Jay Yule

Our Sharings took place during an Open Day and during the Nunhead Art Trail Open Studios – both events we facilitated ourselves at the Green with the facilitation and programming being conceived by performance makers who not only shared their own work but ideas about how we come together overall, what it is we aim to integrate by proposing events what it is we offer and share.


17/18/19/20 May    and    7/8/9/10 June
English version, scroll down for German version

Workshops: Improvisation and CI for people with dance experience age 14+

As part of Cloudmeeting, a performance installation that will take place in June, these workshops are to experience and navigate within a space that with occurring movement triggers sound and light. A specially created floor (by Ollie Holland) and textile membrane (by Louise Walleneit) create a space that seek to restore intersubjective connections by creating – visibly and audibly and felt – a network that is digitally initiated but navigated and brought to life by our senses. Both, workshops and performances work towards an experience wherein people can perceive themselves as intrinsically connected. The idea is to fine tune and sharpen a sensory awareness through sight, sound, touch and weight shifts. In parts the workshops work directly with the installation but also devote themselves to develop a deeper body awareness and connectivity on the basis of movement improvisation techniques. The aim is to create a language of movement that happens because of our perception and because of the movement of others and the overall objective is to explore how we can navigate within a space that is digitally connected yet alive because of a sensitive human interaction.
Participants will have the opportunity to be part in the performance installation that happens 13.-16.6.2019 in Lofft, Leipzig.
120 e for both workshops
70 e for one workshop
0 e should you participate in most performances or half price if you participate in some.

Auf Deutsch:

Workshops: Improvisation und Kontaktimprovisation für Leute mit Tanzerfahrung 14+

Es geht in diesen Workshops darum für Menschen einen Raum zu eröffnen und erfahrbar zu machen der zwischenmenschliche Verbindungen verdeutlicht und eine Vernetzung spürbar macht, die digital iniziiert jedoch durch die Sinne gesteuert wird. Die Installation Cloudmeeting koppelt Bewegungen mit Klang- und Lichtveränderungen um sensorisches Bewusstsein – sehen, hören, fühlen, Gleichgewichtssinn – zu verfeinern und zu schärfen. Die Workshops werden zum Teil mit der Installation direkt arbeiten und zum anderen Teil sich ohne Installation der Körperarbeit widmen. Gleich der Kontaktimprovisation, entwicklen wir auf der Basis von Improvisationstechniken, eine Bewegungssprache, die aufgrund unserer Wahrnehmung und aufgrund der Bewegung Anderer, passiert.
Workshopteilnehmer*innen erhalten die Moeglichkeit an der einer Performance-Installation cloudmeeting (13.-16.6.2019 Lofft) teilzunehmen um Gelerntes anzuwenden und dieses Wissen zu erweitern.
120 e für beide Workshops
70 e für einen Workshop
0 e bei Teilnahme an den meisten Vorstellungen oder halber Preis bei geringer Teilnahme.

Deadline 12.08.2015, please apply via

16/17/18 JUNE
This week we are opening doors from 11.30 am-12 (after our Shared Training) to the public for people to come and watch movement explorations/ scores/ ideas. As continuation from our training we move for half an hour into a Shared Practice space where one of us proposes a theme we jointly explore. You are invited to join either by dancing or watching.

Again, we found a new home in New Cross! It is spacious and on the walls around us are shelves filled with Hungarian artefacts. June here we come!

 We found a new home in Commercial Road E1. It is large, it is bright, it used to be an office building but it doesn’t feel like it. There is dance floor and a good sound system! February and March here we come!


Shared Training and Shared Practice receive their first residency!


TripSpace Haggerston, click here for more information


The Shared Training has reopened and will be on every Thursday and Friday until the 18th of July 1014 for more information please click here.


The Shared Practice will be open until (incl) Fri 10th of May. Most likely it will be closed after for an extensive summer break of about 2 months.


Many thanks to all those that have donated money towards our crowd funding campaign. But also to all those who have considered it and then thought, ah, I just have no money at all – the thought counts. But even without thought, I am aware we are asking money of friends and performance lovers both of which generally have no money at all and I hope that eventually we will all be able to live from our art and the lives we long for.
For a last contribution don’t wait for too long because it might be finished by then… otherwise I hope to see some of you next week.
Also, this is another clip from our sessions in preparation to the project, giving you an idea how inter-disciplinary improvisation can look and sound like. But be warned: it can also be everything else


Finally an insight to who is our artist team.

artist1 artist2


Our crowd funding campaign for HERE NOW is now online. The first contributions have come in and maybe you would like to add a little to make it a little more. Already a couple of pounds can do A LOT if many people do it. Click here to contribute. Many thanks!

——————————————————————————————–here now image

We are thrilled to announce our exciting new project, HERE NOW.

Exploring notions of impermanence and the nature of change, HERE NOW will be a week-long work of live, interdisciplinary improvisation, featuring 8 artists from various genres including live art, theatre, dance, visual arts and music.

Over the course of five days, these artists will inhabit a space, collaborating for 8 hours per day to create an immersive experience that challenges the traditional performer-spectator roles and allows the audience to observe and directly influence the live creative act.

For 4 hours of each day, the space will open its doors to the public and invite you to immerse yourself in the ever-changing landscape of HERE NOW; where distinct art forms merge and collide, generating an unpredictable and continuously evolving experience that asks the question; what is possible, in this moment, in this place, here and now?


Where and when?

HERE NOW will take place from Tuesday 12th – Saturday 16th March at The Albert no.5,  5 Albert Road, NW6 5DT. Click here for information on how to get there.

HERE NOW will be open to the public as follows:

Tuesday 12th                 2pm – 6pm

Wednesday 13th           4pm – 8pm

Thursday 14th                2pm – 6pm

Friday 15th                     2pm – 6pm

Saturday 16th                4pm – 8pm

Tickets & Booking

Tickets will be priced at £5 (£3 concession) and can be purchased on the door. No booking necessary!

Don’t miss this unique event.


Dates for our Shared Practice:

Now every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

10am – 1pm

The Old Tidemill School, 0 Frankham St, Deptford, SE8 4RN

Please call 07908173302 to confirm you are coming in because we do have a number cap to avoid over crowding of the space.


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