Moving On To Open Waters

Moving on to open Waters
.. for those who want to be swept off their feet, surrender into moving as if washed out into the open and plunged into the deep sea to let go of earthy boundaries.

Images from our previous Sunday Moving On Open Waters

Moving On … is a series of audio guides that invite a personal improvisation movement practice by carving attention to sensory input, anatomy and imagery. People engage with it in parks across London and further afield in Europe. Conceived for lockdown it allows one’s practice to unfold in relation to others while keeping a safe distance. We propose large open spaces for people to move alone yet see each other and visually connect.You will receive an audio prior to the event, go somewhere you want to practice where others might practice too but far away or where you practice alone. As you like. The guide is conceived without need to meet up as all information is distributed before and during the audio guide. We take social distancing very serious and conceived Moving On as a way to work with the rules yet to provide what is largely not possible: moving freely, a sense of connectivity and being physically present in space.We invite all ages and backgrounds to join us as you can listen to the audio and follow in any way it suits you.

Click here to view our risk assessment.

We have three Eventbrites as we offer three locations

Hilly Fields // Marseille  // for people practicing in neither one but close to their place

We also have people practicing in -let us know if you want to join them. Booking is via ‘afield’.

Queens Wood in Highgate

These are our contributing artists

Alice Labant is the youngest member who has been writing and recording for Moving On many times. Her work and voice offer sensitive and creative elements that spark imagination and over the recent months has created a powerful glue and substance to the work.

Anne-Gaelle Thiriot has been with Exit Map for many years and contributed tonnes in so many ways. She recently relocated to France where she is from to expand her studies with Feldenkrais and explore new avenues in dance and with place. We are happy to connect across the sea and continue working together, exchanging and growing.

Laura Doehler is the main facilitator and has been the initiator of the these audio guides to support her teaching during Covid. Sharing the writing and recording and providing them for people to find ways to connect and make sense of the world has become the objective of Moving On. Alongside the creation of these audios Laura is looking at professional development for these artists to be the ground support for a creative and culture infused community where people meet, exchange and define new tools to meet the everyday.