Moving On Roots

Next event this Saturday 28/11/2020 12-2pm in Hilly Fields Park SE4

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Attending to the invisible yet present, roots bridge and serve as messenger between history and ecology. We allow what rests in the past and what is underground to inspire tools to work with the unknown. A compilation of voices of dance artists creates an audio guide for all people to join an individual  movement practice    in Hilly Fields while others do the same but socially distanced.

Audio team: Alice Labant, Helena Webb, Laura Doehler and Mariana Camiloti

Moving On Roots provides an audio guide that facilitates a personal practice which others are doing at the same time. That means you will start by yourself anywhere in Hilly Fields at noon by pressing play and the audio guide will lead you from there. You will become aware of others doing the practice also but we respect social distancing, generous social distancing, of at least 4 meters to avoid appearing like a gathering. In many ways however it is a means for us to connect and not feel isolated in our practice outdoors and isolated overall. We hope you can come and join us once or twice for this event!

Once registered you will receive the audio guide by Thursday the 28th of November.

Location is Hilly Fields SE4 but Alternative places are also being held and served.
Previously some participants of Moving On …. chose to work in their local environment and welcomed others to join you. For this Sat we have people in Hampstead Heath and Margate! If you would like to join any of these places let me know and I forward you to the people who are practicing there as well. Last weekends locations were …

You will still need to register via Eventbrite however which is now open for registrations. Make sure you don’t book too late!  

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