Moving On Music Medley

When: 28.02. and 07.03.2012

Time: 12.00 – 14.00 hours

Where: Hilly Fields and Hampstead Heath

Moving On … is a series of audio guides that invite a personal improvisation movement practice by carving attention to sensory input, anatomy and imagery. People engage with it in parks across London and further afield in Europe. Conceived for lockdown it allows one’s practice to unfold in relation to others while keeping a safe distance. We propose large open spaces for people to move alone yet see each other and visually connect.You will receive an audio prior to the event, go somewhere you want to practice where others might practice too but far away or where you practice alone. As you like. The guide is conceived without need to meet up as all information is distributed before and during the audio guide. We take social distancing very serious and conceived Moving On as a way to work with the rules yet to provide what is largely not possible: moving freely, a sense of connectivity and being physically present in space.We invite all ages and backgrounds to join us as you can listen to the audio and follow in any way it suits you.

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This is a special event as dance artists who have been writing and recording for these audios in the past are donating these mini scores to make this event a fundraiser to provide a basis for the next audios to happen. Foremost we would love you to join us dancing no matter how much you can pay but if you can contribute financially, it will help us continuing these events in the future. You can also always simply spread the word and make sure that many small contributions can go a long way and besides allow us to spread the good work and joy to dance outside. On that note, many thanks to all the dances and contributions of any kind and sort!s

These are the booking links:

Hilly Fields Hampstead Heath Further Afield

Contributing artists:

Alice Labant

Gordon Raeburn

Laura Doehler

Mariana Camilotti

Sofie Narbed

Tania Soubry

Vanio Papdelli