Moving On Fiction

A 1.5 hours audio guide conceived by Exit Map performance artists for a personal movement practice that others do at the same time.

This movement practice is founded in explorations on how body and environment relate. Participants are socially distanced but stand in relation to one another to further a sense of connection and to feel supported in free form explorations.

The audio guides you via experiential anatomy, poetic imagery and suggests actions alongside pauses of sound to follow your own listening, witnessing and sense making. You can and should adopt material freely to your own needs as you are in charge to engage in ways that work for you. Other than the audio there is no guide, no teacher but other participants who also respond, as you do, according to their needs and imagination.

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We have three Eventbrites as we offer three locations

Hilly Fields // Hampstead Heath // for people outside London

Should you practice outside of London please send us an email to Should other people practice there we can get you in touch .. if you like.

These are our contributing artists

Sara Wookey is a UK and US based artist who joins the South East London Exit Map hub for this audio as satellite artist whose interest and experience in site specific work, collective practice and cultural dissemination and progress not only meets Exit Map’s interest but offers a great contribution for collaborating artists and participants alike.

Tania Soubry Tania Soubry is one of the longest standing members of Exit Map who nevertheless accumulated an impressive body of work in Luxembourg where she is from concerning the body as moving, sounding, thought provoking vibrant matter. She is writing for the first time for the audio guides.

Alice Labant is the youngest member who has been writing and recording for Moving On many times. Her work and voice offer sensitive and creative elements that spark imagination and over the recent months has created a powerful glue and substance to the work.

Laura Doehler is the main facilitator and has been the initiator of the these audio guides to support her teaching during Covid. Sharing the writing and recording and providing them for people to find ways to connect and make sense of the world has become the objective of Moving On. Alongside the creation of these audios Laura is looking at professional development for these artists to be the ground support for a creative and culture infused community where people meet, exchange and define new tools to meet the everyday.

The music we used:

1st audio: Laura

Barbarella Soundtrack –  and Plantasia (Plantasia)

2nd audio: Tania

1. Double Fifths by Teebs:2. Piano Days by Teebs3. Piano Months by Teebs4. Lest you forget by BVDUB5. The Endless by Teebs6. Viewpoint bu Teebs7. Schoouss Lullaby8. Soldier of Love by Sade (instrumental track)

3rd audio: Sara

Nina Simone – New World Coming, dark Dark remix

4th Audio: Alice

– Plantasia –  Music to soothe the savage snake plant.- Disclosure – You & Me Remix (BEAT ONLY)- Nils Frahm- Nue- Moderat – A new Error