Moving On Falling Into Spring

When: 25.04. and 02.05.2021

Time: 11- 13.00 pm UK time ( FR start 12.00)

Where: Hilly Fields and Hampstead Heath in London, Clifton Downs in Bristol, a la Plage, Marseille (FR)

With dance artists: Laura Doehler. Sara Ruddock, Sara Wookey and Tania Soubry

Moving On … is a series of audio guides that invite a personal improvisation movement practice by carving attention to sensory input, anatomy and imagery. People engage with it in parks across London and further afield in Europe. Conceived for lockdown it allows one’s practice to unfold in relation to others while keeping a safe distance. We propose large open spaces for people to move alone yet see each other and visually connect.You will receive an audio prior to the event, go somewhere you want to practice where others might practice too but far away or where you practice alone. As you like. The guide is conceived without need to meet up as all information is distributed before and during the audio guide. We take social distancing very serious and conceived Moving On as a way to work with the rules yet to provide what is largely not possible: moving freely, a sense of connectivity and being physically present in space.We invite all ages and backgrounds to join us as you can listen to the audio and follow in any way it suits you.

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… please remember that to pay artists what they deserve we ask you to donate wisely. We keep the registration fee low to make this work accessible to all but .. and so on ….  We hope that those who can are happy to give and support. Thank you!

Contributing artists:

Laura Doehler : is the main facilitator and has been the initiator of the these audio guides to support her teaching during Covid. Sharing the writing and recording and providing them for people to find ways to connect and make sense of the world has become the objective of Moving On. Alongside the creation of these audios Laura is looking at professional development for these artists to be the ground support for a creative and culture infused community where people meet, exchange and define new tools to meet the everyday.

Sara Wookey is a UK and US based artist who joins the South East London Exit Map hub for this audio as satellite artist whose interest and experience in site specific work, collective practice and cultural dissemination and progress not only meets Exit Map’s interest but offers a great contribution for collaborating artists and participants alike.

Tania Soubry Tania Soubry is one of the longest standing members of Exit Map who nevertheless accumulated an impressive body of work in Luxembourg where she is from concerning the body as moving, sounding, thought provoking vibrant matter. She is writing for the first time for the audio guides.

Sara Ruddock dance artist from Stockholm based in London and teaches at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Dance and Music. She currently spends time with vibrational practices, sonic and rhythmic utterances, forces of groove, voicing and listening bodies, irregularities and resistance that she is weaving into this audio.