Moving On Dancing

to book Moving on Dancing for the 12th of December: :

to book Moving on Dancing in the distance for the 12th of December::

Moving On Dancing

provides an audio guide that facilitates a personal practice which others are doing at the same time. Designed for Hilly Fields it means you will start by yourself anywhere in Hilly Fields at noon by pressing play on the 12th of December and the audio guide will lead you from there. You will become aware of others doing the practice also but we respect social distancing, generous social distancing, of at least 4 meters to avoid appearing like a gathering. In many ways however it is a means for us to connect, to not feel isolated in our practice and to embrace moving freely by being out and about and connecting to an environment that is local, that is home.

Moving On Dancing in the distance

provides the same audio guide but is for people who live further away. That can be North London or across the world. Last Sunday Moving on Dancing saw people in Hampstead Heath, Leeds, Bristol, Berlin, Athens and Prague. Should you want to practice further away and if you are happy for others to join you please let us know where and we will update this website and Eventbrite with information and maybe others join you. Should you have had others joining please let us know after the event who got in touch with you because we would like to forward some of the donation to you to say thank you for holding a space. It has been amazing how this event has reached out and yet at the same time brought people together.

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