Lucy F Thane

Life is an Improvisation qith Jacob BrayLucy Thane is a Dancer with a Camera. She began her professional life in
many areas of the Film industry and as a documentary filmmaker (notably
Bikini Kill in the U.K., She’s Real (worse than Queer) and As is your Due)
primarily in London, NYC and San Francisco. She used her skills to facilitate
production based training primarily with people considered “at risk” at Artists
Television Access in the Mission district of San Francisco and Sidecar in
Hackney, London.
For the past 15 years she has practiced & trained extensively in live
performance, improvisation and dance, and exhibited and performed
nationally and internationally in both her own and other Artists’ work. She has
a Masters in Performance and creative research from Roehampton university.
Her current major work is the feature length Independent documentary
Musical “I am not a Village” ( in which she is both
Director & Performer. She has also co-hosted the Drawing & Dancing Society
since 2011. Throughout her career she has been culturally and politically
engaged and continues to curate popular mixed-media public events and
processions in an intriguing variety of venues and locations. She is living in
Folkestone, UK and training in Embodied Life/Art at Tamalpa institute.