Well, so far my thoughts have been trailing around the importance to claim responsibility even though that’s a very tough task when it comes to consumption. Some things in life we have to be responsible for but we find ourselves in a society that created systems which suggests that we can drop our guard, because it is taken care of – however the systems are terribly faulty and neither government nor corporations are doing us any favour in leading us towards a conscientious consumption because what matters to them most is money. And that means that we cannot rely on what is being sold to us. If we were to truly stand behind the argument that we care about environment, and people beyond our family and circle of friends then we have to re-think consumption which we do every day! How much do we take, what kind and why. It’s a massive task and I honestly wish we wouldn’t have to start re-thinking it all because there are much more entertaining things to do in life – but it builds the foundation of our and everybody else’s life – it’s fundamental – and currently completely wrong in so many ways.

We talk big talks of having to change our perception of privilege. To me consumption is one of the greatest and the only way to make a change in our habits, is to look at them and share it – not by preaching but doing it better and inviting people into a new culture. So, I am trying to get my head around how to write this in a fun yet clear and honest way that makes people meet the subject of food with enthusiasm not fear, confusion, guilt or ignorance.

And I would like to research milk alternatives like soya, hemp, oat, almond etc and maybe ti would be an idea to try and design a label that would tell where from – kind of agriculture, workers pay, transport, health benefits, market reverberations .. whatever that means.

God there is so much.

And I love drawing.

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