Laura Doehler

Performer, Performance Maker, Teacher    Dance, actions, its analysis, improvisation in and out of contact. I work in the field of CI, release technique, dance theatre.  Cross-disciplinary with other media and artists in HE and out in the open.      Ma in Performance Making at Goldsmiths University London 2012


laura imageLaura choses improvisation and performance as the format to trace attention to observe change and to provide tools to ready a physical response that can shape social and environmental connectivity. She initiates collective processes that  further a connectivity between self and other that is fluid and transient. Together with Exit Map she produces work and events that people can participate in and witness. The shedding of boundaries of self and other and the integration of performance and practice as part of everyday life are reoccurring themes. Projects brought to life in close dialogue with other cross-disciplinary artists that build on collective ownership and are defined by processes; the product being ourselves changing.

I attend regularly to what moves me with the Shared Practice so as to understand why and how movement happens. That understanding is articulated in the various channels performance offers;  teaching, conversations, performance making as well as performing. I perceive the virtuosity of dance to be a matter of awareness and articulation, physically and verbally with technique manifesting because we physically inquire, revisit and manifest. I suspend myself between the experiential and the objective. My aim is to understand movement in order to empower others- people from all walks of life – but also to connect people to what is around us. Movement  doesn’t stop where our bodies end. Being resident at The Green Community Centre with both the Shared Practice and its extension, Exit Map embarks on creating community events where personal research exists within the context of a society and place to shape pathways towards and intelligent and sensitive human and environmental ecology.



Who is John Wick?

John Wick is a man who kills and gets killed over and over again and still he stands. He exists as fiction alive in minds, readily obscuring reality. What is it to live in multiple realities, what are the hiding places and what is it we reveal of ourselves when we wear other people’s masks? This work describes a split identity wherein multiple personalities point at isolation and a search to find and make a connect to others.  A true self flickers intermittently between images and personalities we borrow, showing itself by trying to trigger. Numbness of not being affected based on receiving and submerging in stimuli that the more intense the less responsive we are. Loss of presence and loss of confidence obscures purpose; coincides with an emerging of violent and sexually trying material. Close to being a game in this world violence is the last straw; it fills a hole with a hole. Framed by mirrors and lights it is a dog in a kennel. A circle where the outside is an idea we play with; the audience becomes the spectator to a movie that brings themes we know from the screen into a real and physical environment that leaves alienation and offers presence.Currently a work in progress looking for funding is was presented as part of Towards A Regenerative Society, Together We Are 29.02.2020 at the Green.


Planting Trees

Where movement meets action. Exit Map invited the local community to plant trees and rethink consumption habits by coming together at a time we seek warmth and care. Moving away from staging to doing, people got to understand movement as an every day matter that determines how we engage physically with one another.  Movement as labour became the common ground, a source for heat, a place for meeting and conversations. A reminder how satisfying and invigorating physical effort can be while at the same time facilitating a social and environmental connect. This initiative was part of the Christmas Fair at the Green 01.12.1019 supported by the Mayor of London and the National tree Planting Challenge. The Green now has willow and hawthorn trees growing outside the front.

Twerk a Sonata, trilogy

My Turf (Mein Grund und Boden) with Monsur Ali 2017 Leipzig Germany,

Ridiculous Copericus with Exit Map 2016 Chisenhale Dance, London

Twerkasonata with Exit Map 2015 Conway Hall, London

The various research explorations and performances stem from the curiosity of how being in the same place, how being an environment for someone else is inevitably an influence that shapes how we relate. We looked at cross overs in terms of form, content, energy but increasingly we found ourselves wondering what is the relational when we do not purposefully interact or compose but when we simply are? With a state of awareness and presence as consent, how do we encounter and imprint on one another? How do our senses guide a relationship, when do we understand to be in a relation and how do we serve it or allow it to breathe? Looking at the juxtaposition of identities in a shared space it is worth noting that this is the very foundation of Exit Map Collective because we come together, share a space and time to practice, articulate and develop work and inevitably, things happen. That’s where this work comes from and this is how more work will emerge.

This trailer shows one of the research stages, performed at the Nunhead Art Trail.

Open Day

With this day the doors to the Green opened far to introduce what the centre offers in terms of classes but also to get to know the local community. We asked who you are with interviews, we mapped, literally, people’s landmarks in Nunhead and listened to stories while food and drinks were enjoyed that the local bakery had donated for the event. The adult dance class from Siobhan Davies Dance performed work showing that all can dance while upstairs carpentry workshops took place. A community day for young and old.

Further productions and events that came from and through Exit Map :

Clothes Swap

Zine – Hungry for change

Here Now

V.I.P talk

Live Social Networking Station

Dice Cafe


Tied Feathers

TEACHING – schools, online, workshops, free to move and shared practice

Since 2012 – Lecturer of Movement HE at the National Centre of Circus Arts, London UK and guest lecturer at Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and Siobhan Davies Dance, London UK


  1. Moving Meditations is an audio guide which is delivered online and outdoors in SE London. It is one of many ways to deal with Covid allowing students to dip into sensorial explorations without being screen bound but sensitise and connect through listening.
  2. Shared Practice is now outdoors via Free to Move. A WhatsApp group is in place to facilitate the regular meet up. Please get in touch with
  3. Siobhan Davies Dance are regular classes open to people with and without experience. Currently on summer and Covid break, back in Autumn. 
  4. Contemporary  dance and Contact Improvisation is also available via workshops in and across Europe – Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, France, Germany and UK. Currently, due to Covid, workshops are on hold.




Mary Pearson, Liverpool, UK -work in progress

2019/ 2020   Anthropo – Screen By-Products by Mary Pearson and Alena Kudera

I would eat myself to death, suffocate in bliss, not notice we were dying we were experiencing so much pleasure. As if my body needed reminding it was there, as if the weight would keep me here in this world, as if otherwise I would float away. As if nobody cared, as if anybody cared, as if there is no time to care. As if care equals stuff. As if stuff does not have a past or a future. As if trash was a playground. As if there was no point getting out. As if we were happy. As if plastic babies would be born, as if the feeling of the sole of a foot was only a memory. As if reduced, and from reduced admitting to more greed, more comfort seeking. As if less could satisfy us. As if we are addicted. As if we cannot tell the difference.


Louise Walleneit, Leipzig, Germany

2019/2020  Cloudmeeting in collaboration with Olli Holland and Laura Doehler

Cloudmeeting proposes the experience of a space wherein movement triggers audible tracks, instigating a physical relationship to a digital presence. We enter with our bodies into a space that is a hybrid of the real and the digital, aligning ourselves to one another as if we were extending our bodies with and within another medium. Cloudmeeting is an installation that facilitates a return our senses, incorporating the digital as an additional sensory input that serves the whole body and mind creating a meeting place that is less limited than other social clouds we know from our everyday devices. Through our perceptions and presence we playfully and effortlessly make new connections between the digital and the human with its emotional and sensory capacities. Cloudmeeting produces an integration of presence and facilitates those who enter  to experience what matters in our interactions and asks how everything that happens relates.








Maria Zemlinksy and Robson Barreto

LOUD OBJECT in collaboration with L. Doehler and M. Picknett  2019/2020

A director and a designer in collaboration with sound artist Michael Picknett and myself met, explored and created a movement and sound sculpture with support from Donmar Theatre and Shoreditch Townhall. LOUD OBJECT,  Aqua Viva, is a promising work in progress, that looks at the fabric of presence itself, the quest to understand what is and how it can exist in one room at one time, one instant. Based on Clarice Lispector's novel Agua Viva, this is a poetic work, a solo wherein the self is as alive as its environment. "This contact with the invisible nucleus of reality is of such purity..."








PA A  A  A   A    A     A      A     A         A           A               A                S   T

h2dance, London, UK

H2DANCE is choreographer/ performer duo based in the UK since 1999. Their work sits in between performance and dance and can be characterised as interdisciplinary, often taking a humorous approach to serious subject matters. Hanna and Heidi have an ongoing fascination with meetings of differences, exploring ways in which we negotiate hierarchy, conformity, power and manipulation.

Laura Wilson London, UK

Laura Wilson (b. Belfast, UK) is an artist based in London. She is interested in how history is carried and evolved through everyday materials, trades and craftsmanship. She works with specialists to develop sculptural and performative works that amplify the relationship between materiality, memory and tacit knowledge.

Tara D’Arquian, Brussels BE

Bad Faith 2018 London, UK

“Flashes of Beckett in its tragicomic bleakness (…) Doehler moves with a severe sense of gravity” (Guardian). The concept of Bad Faith is audacious and ambitious in equal parts: its aim is to turn the stage into an inner landscape peopled by the ghosts, thoughts and delusions of a former diva.

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  2. Hello Mari, thanks for getting in touch! If you send me your email I would put you on my email list and keep you informed. This year I will predominantly work in London but I am planning to be around Europe spring term. All the best, Laura

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