Moving On Staying Connected

We are now preparing the next Moving On … event. This time with tools to work with and not against time and ideas how to meet the desire and possibilities to open up the dances and explorations. We aim to facilitate both private and expansive encounters wherein both the personal dances and the big group dances provide the contact we need to take care of to sustain our sociability, even society. We enjoy attending to and being in and with nature, integrating a contact we have largely undermined with a lifestyle built on comfortable homes, cars and venues. Now, not being able to be inside together, this has become an opportunity; to be in touch with what we need to attend to, urgently, and we are happy to share it with you. 

This time around we invite you to come individually – on time – for noon on Sunday the 8th to our event Moving On, Staying Connected.  It is not a gathering but a simultaneous personal practice. We will provide you with a 2 hours audio guide conceived by Exit Map dance and performance artists who work with improvisation and CI. We will do a personal practice at the same time in Hilly Fields. Everyone is  by themselves but in relation to others and not alone. A flashmob spread across a whole park. The format will include witnessing, and pauses of sound to follow your own listening and sense making as well as guided material. At noon precisely we will press play all at the same time …Location: Hilly Fields, SE4 London 12-2pm. To book please contact: info.exitmap@gmail.com. If you like to attend don’t leave the booking to last minute because we need to send you the audio guide and practical information. This is a professionally organised event that has safe practice at heart as well as the intension to make sure we keep moving and connecting to body, people and environment. 

If you would like to attend please register via info.exitmap@gmail.com

Legal stuff:

This event is an effort to attend to the physical and mental health of SE London local communities, by facilitating a movement practice that is in line with current “lockdown” regulations. We, ExitMap, are committed to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and the dramatic consequences on people’s lives and NHS capacity. Further, we are aware of the simultaneous mental health epidemic in London and the negative impact of the pandemic on social isolation and various kinds of physical and mental conditions. Our event has been carefully thought out in order to minimise physical proximity, while creating opportunities for people to experience social connection while sharing outdoors public spaces. 

This is not a gathering but a personal practice, facilitated via an audio guide. Each individual is following the audio guidance and only interacts with others from a distance, by noticing their movements and responding to them. Participants might engage in a physically distanced conversation with one other person (at least 2m apart). In cases where there is more social density (more than two people), participants are asked to keep at least 4m distance, to avoid the impression of being a gathering. Their practice is synced to happen simultaneously with others, but in a different place than others. This person has signed a disclaimer to not, under any circumstance, come in close proximity (less than 2 meters) to someone else before, during or after the event, unless it is a person of their household or carer.

The reason people undertake this exercise at the same time is to experience a sense of community, to mitigate the negative effects social distancing has on mental and physical health. The 2020 No.1200 The Health Protection Regulation Part 3/11 creates an exception to allow some proximity for those at risk of mental and physical health conditions. Therefore, this initiative responds to an essential social need in the most responsible way possible.

This event is professionally organised and has undertaken risk assessment by Laura Doehler/ Exit Map.

Our events are donation based. In order to sustain the event we would like to ask you to please continue your donations however should you not be able to please don’t worry. You can help us too by forwarding the event to others, flyering or online bits and pieces. There are many underlying managerial feasts such an event has in store and perhaps by sharing the load it will become lighter to carry. So please let us know if you rather support us in this way.

We forward from last time the proposition that should the weather be too rainy or too windy we keep the option available for those who are local to join us for a one hour walk instead from 12-1pm. You would need to come on time but can leave whenever you would like to avoid getting too cold or wet. 
We also implement that the event will be forwarded to the next Sunday the 15th. Therefore should we cancel the event due to bad weather, the 15th will take its place and touch wood, it won’t be bad twice. 

Audio team: Alica Labant, Laura Doehler, Mariana Camiloti and Sebastian Ruiz

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