Moving On with Nature

With ‘Moving On with Nature’ we attended to the already existing dances of nature to inform our own movement and pathways we share amongst each other in places. We proposed a ‘bubble promenade movement exploration’ to experience the diversity of a place and the multiplicity of how our bodies relate and experience movement outside.

After a joint warm up we proposed three engagements with nature and how we find ourselves in and amongst it. Having divided the participants in three groups we created a rotation for everyone to spend time in every place. Here some thoughts on what they entailed:

Helena facilitated, with support from Mariana, some explorations with nature inspired by her work on trees. The group were asked to tap into different senses’ watching, listening, touching and allow the filling up of information to affect their dancing bodies in short improvisations. The groups remarked on the sensitivity leading to greater intimacy in watching dances and dancing themselves.

Laura proposed an audio score where participants listen to suggestions and questions as to how we perceive ourselves as a living, growing and decaying organism in an environment that is just that. The audio guide is a poetic infusion that shifts the way we perceive ourselves being and moving in nature. How does it resonate in our bodies and sentiment to not have walls but open space where one could walk on forever, how is it to see and sense the verticality of people amongst trees and what do we source from an empathy of gravity that we share as we share the ground, how does weight feel when there is a sky above us, and how does grounding and reaching mobilise our structure? How does it move us?

Sebastian and Alice proposed a connectivity to the environment by feeling into the different beings of the park. We sourced from people’s kinesthetic states, from the shapes of trees, animals and even clouds. We played with each other by weaving our movements together in space. We thus tuned in and out of our surroundings and within our group. We felt the weaving of our physical bodies, our perception and our actions.

Facilitators on the Day

Helena Webb

Laura Doehler

Sebastian Ruiz

Alice Labant

Mariana Camiloti