Running Shared Training for a while now those items have surfaced through feedback:

— Sharing the studio with other experienced dance artists stimulates movement and feeds one’s training, mixing a personal enquiry with enquiries taken from other practitioners.

— Searching and following one’s own enquiry while sharing space feels vulnerable though positively challenging because others occasionally witness or share.

— Being free to do anything at any time allows for a more sincere inquiry about one’s needs let that be rest or warmth, trailing thoughts, witnessing, roaming – opening another kind of dialogue about what we ‘need’ to do versus what we ‘should’ do.

And this is what becomes clearer to us, facilitators and regulars:

First comers are faced with multiple options to chose from and usually move from one input to another with less control but great curiosity. Personal movement preferences emerge but also easily slip into material we feel we should be able to do (external value system) and should work on. There is a somewhat involuntarily drift between personal focus and other people’s enquiries which is less tailored to a personal inquiry but stimulating in its juxtaposition. Shifting focus between one’s environment or towards oneself is a more conscious choice if you come regularly. Refining, filtration and confidence of material starts to happen because of placing focus more consciously and the reinvestigation of material. New material also emerges coming about through making connections and increasing awareness of all that makes movement. What is ‘new’ is also fragile through a lack of confirmation or establishment. Moving without predefinitions on how something looks like, or should, means moving outside known territory. We trust that all exploration is valid and the value we create is based on our own gut feeling or reasoning and the exchange we have with other practitioners.



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