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There are times when there is only very few of us in the studio, however that is more than it used to be. It used to be just me. And then there are times when it is actually crowded and we are falling into ‘Fame’ scenes of wild dancing with fun music, flying across the floor. This week at some point we were only three and we had a very beautiful and focussed session – we enjoyed spaciousness. This is were it all started and I am very happy that this is what we still treasure. Of course we also want this to grow, want many to appreciate it, want to integrate it as ‘new normality’ for dancers in order to create a consistent dance development. Not a workshop spurt with a glimpse of investment which is never enough – no, I want people to do this again and again because only then we start to see our patterns, history and values (god, values is a huge subject and we hardly even perceive it). What we can do and what we want to do, what we want to share and why. This pot is so deep and it strikes me with disbelief how many of us don’t even lift the lid. But maybe this is simply our way and also things, anything, takes time to be perceived .. and valued. And surely others have ways I am not quite able to perceive but I have the suspicion that in this society, if you want to do your art, dream, exchange and penetrate the surface, you need to start Not with money and status and space and time … I know it sounds obvious to some but you’d be surprised how many talks I have been to over the past two years, with people going on and on about the lack of financial support. I know it is sad, and difficult, but why not starting with your work, carving out a way to actually do it, with little money, with clapping hands, getting on with your curiosity. Then a world opens up to why you do it and also where to place it and why people need a bit of it .. or not. And then the money shouldn’t be taken out from a little arts council pot where hundreds of people cue up for, but it should be taken from places and people who really need and want what we can offer .. and sure enough, what we do has value but you need to find the value not demand support for something you don’t even quite know. BUT, in capital letters, I am not saying we all do that… rather be aware where you place your focus.

So, I just really wanted to write about space in the studio because I came across a video footage from The Old Tidemill when it was just me. It is a little time travel back, some excerpts of improvisations. It is my way of saying Good Bye Tidemill, You were a very dear and precious friend to me. Now your doors are closed due to new development and in some way that is fair enough, part of London’s landscape and we have found a new home in Shadwell which is better in some ways but hey … we had some good and special times, love Laura

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