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Exit Map emerged in 2004, founded by Laura Doehler, to create work collectively with other dancers. Since then, Exit Map’s work has incorporated theatre, photography and fashion, produced interventions and site specific work alongside staged performances, and introduced improvisation as a major tool of work. Exit Map is a platform that provokes collaborative processes fuelled by the concept and frames proposed for each piece. Stimulating connectivity between artists, environment and audience, their work triggers creation and action. Exit Map leaves the field of ready made performance, one man vision and objective judgment. All outcome is subjective and offers a common ground for people to meet and communicate through senses and perceptions. Everyone involved shares responsibility, integrity and authorship.

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Writing for Teaching during Covid 19.

For the class ‘Seeing and not Seeing’ 24.06.2020

fragility of fragments

Can you see sense their weight

its suspense between gravity and

structural force to hold above ground?

Moving together

you and everything else

perhaps all else is moving and you are not?

Arriving in suspended moving

being still in movement

What if what surrounds you

are the limbs or fragments

of a life form

that has you at its centre

What if every item is belonging

to your body?



whose energy you can feel

whose gravity you share

matter amongst matter

you are content to this space

an ingredient

adding to the flavour of this space

that all of you – from skin to core, can taste.

Amongst things, amongst weight, amongst forms.

close your eyes

still and moving

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